A Comprehensive Approach to Revolutionizing Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention

By: Peyton Brien

In the world of workplace safety, taking proactive measures is far more effective than dealing with the consequences later on. For years, the workers compensation industry has been largely reactive, focusing on addressing injuries after they occur. But what if there was a better way? Work Right NW, a leader in work safety and health, is on a mission to change the game by integrating a wellness model for musculoskeletal injury prevention and management. We seek to explore and highlight the Work Right NW advantage, how they promote a culture of safety, and their innovative partnership with Medcor, a combination that's transforming the landscape of workplace safety.


The Work Right NW Advantage

Work Right NW is all about proactivity. They've set their sights on changing the workers compensation industry from a reactive model to a proactive one. Their approach centers on early symptom identification within the workforce and empowering employees with the tools they need to prevent injury. With specialties in injury prevention, workplace safety audits, on-demand services, and diagnostic safety assessments, they're leading the charge in creating safer workplaces. When asked about Work Right’s informative and comprehensive approach to addressing injury prevention and spearheading treatment, Chantel Gorton, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Work Right Corporate Team Member offers,


“The most important aspect to care is to prioritize the individual. Two associates might come into the wellness center with the same ache or pain, but that ache or pain may come about in different ways. In order to address the underlying issue, we strive to have open ears and prioritize the individual by listening and educating accordingly to empower, not direct. Equally as important is our routine to follow up with associates whether that be a follow up wellness appointment or a visit to the workplace. This embeds a culture of caring and trust that we have worked so hard to establish as a foundation to our program.”


An Innovative Culture of Safety

Why should companies invest in injury prevention? The benefits are not only substantial, but investing in injury prevention helps generate a culture of safety which stretches beyond corporate life. By proactively addressing workplace safety, companies can substantially reduce the cost of workplace injuries, lower non-occupational medical expenses, boost employee morale, and increase overall efficiency. Work Right NW takes this a step further with on-site Athletic Trainers who provide job coaching and ergonomic solutions—a cornerstone of their business model. They're also masters of data analytics, utilizing wearable technology and functional movement screening for ergonomic analysis and education, helping to identify job task risks and reduce workplace injuries.

Additionally, Work Right NW understands that true safety goes beyond just rules and regulations. They're dedicated to fostering a safety culture where employees not only understand the importance of preventative care but also actively practice ergonomics, and can identify early symptoms. Their extensive library of content keeps "Industrial Athletes" educated with the latest resources and information to stay safe on the job.


Work Right NW stands out in the field of injury prevention with crystallized experience from professionals with backgrounds in sports medicine and athletic training

At the core of Work Right NW's success are their Athletic Trainers and their PREPARED program. This program encompasses essential steps like pre-shift warm-ups, staying in the power zone, body mechanic training, and wellness education. It ensures that employees return home in the same way they left and reinforces a state of well-being and physical readiness. Work Right NW's commitment to employee well-being extends from prevention to post-incident care. This is where their collaboration with Medcor takes shape. 


Work Right NW and Medcor Partnership

The synergy between Work Right NW and Medcor is more than theoretical; it's practical and impactful. The two companies have found organic ways to integrate their offerings, ultimately benefiting their clients. In addition, both Work Right NW and Medcor place premiums on listening to their clients and actively working their feedback into their personalized care–more can be heard about this on The Granite List Live’s Podcast featuring Curtis Smith, Chief Customer Success officer at Medcor, and Nic Patee, President at Work Right. From preventing injuries in the first place to ensuring a smooth return to work after an incident, this partnership is a game-changer. It exemplifies the collaborative DNA of both organizations and underscores their commitment to client success. 


Work Right Client Success Manager, Lori Neufeld-Temple states, “Bringing early symptom intervention and healthcare on-site allows our clients and staff to worry less about time off and potential personal financial implications. They see increased morale, quicker return to work timelines, better retention, and overall a healthier workforce, which in turn has a positive impact on our client's bottom line and ultimately their success.”


Work Right NW is not just another player in the field of workplace safety; they're leaders in a movement to change the industry's very nature. By emphasizing proactive injury prevention, promoting a safety culture, and partnering with Medcor, they're rewriting the playbook on how to keep employees safe and businesses thriving. It's a revolution in workplace safety, and Work Right NW is at the forefront, setting a new standard for the future.


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