A Roundup of Our Covid-19 Resources

Covid-19 Preparedness Webinar Series Invite

Over the past two weeks, we at Connect Healthcare Collaboration have rolled out a series of webinars focused on the programs, products and people who are driving results in light of Covid-19. We invite you to listen to each replay below.



CHC Covid-19 Webinar Series


Click here for the replay of Session 1 – Culture Index

Have you been playing to your employees’ strengths, especially during thi

s time of inconsistent working conditions? Find out how to develop position requirements with the culture of your organization and maximize productivity.


Click here for the replay of Session 2 – Zero Card

In light of the uptick of questions on when to go see a doctor, do you like the sound of a healthcare model that is easy to understand, simple to use and won’t bury the patient in a mountain of paperwork and bills? We do too. 


Click here for the replay of Session 3 – Quizzify

How much do your employees know about health? What is the actual likelihood your population will get wiped out by Coronavirus? There has never been a more crucial time for employees who are health literate.

Click here for the replay of Session 4 – Sustainable Health Index

Who is about to cost the plan the most amount of money and how ready are they to change their behavior? Armed with this knowledge, you can direct resources and efforts to better improve health outcomes.


Click here for the replay of Session 5 – Work Right

Are you dealing with a workforce that is still active and among the necessary verticals that are showing up on the job site? Focusing on prevention over treatment targets employees' overall safety and wellness.

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