An Apple a Day: Navigating Mental Health in the Workplace with Espyr's Expertise

By Allison Binning




Did you know that Spanish speakers respond to a sneeze by replying, “Salud!” which translates to “Health!” In French, you can respond to a sneeze with “vos souhaits,” or “to your wishes.” Almost all cultures have a phrase to politely wish someone well following a sneeze. These phrases and the sentiment behind them come from a place of concern. A sneeze is often the first symptom of an illness, and when that’s the case, you should not be expected to carry on as normal and may need a break. It also usually means that you should go to the doctor. If you find yourself feeling sick a lot, do you think it’s better to push past and ignore your symptoms? Or would you perhaps seek help to treat the illness causing those symptoms? The answer for most people is obvious. Similarly, if you knew that simple preventative measures like “an apple a day” would “keep the doctor away,” wouldn’t you take those steps?


The same logic can be applied to your mental health. Almost everyone has had a bout of anxiety or depression in their lives. However, some people suffer daily from anxiety disorders and depression, and it can be very difficult for them to overcome symptoms that prevent them from being productive in both their personal lives and at work. Instead of trying to address every episode separately, what if they were to treat the underlying issues that are causing frequent episodes?


In the workplace, every employee is a human being who faces adversity and struggles from time to time. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that mental health conditions contribute significantly to the global burden of disease and are associated with reduced educational attainment, decreased employment opportunities, and impaired productivity. According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression, and anxiety disorders cost the global economy over $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. A study published in the journal "Occupational Medicine" found that employees with depression had 27.6 lost workdays per year compared to an average of 10.3 for employees without depression.


Think about how awful you feel when working while sick with a cold or other illness—it can be just as or even more difficult to work when struggling with anxiety, burnout, depression, or other mental health-related symptoms. It’s standard to offer health benefits that will cover physical health, but what about mental health benefits? And what about proactive and preventative measures rather than reactive ones? When an employer doesn’t recognize mental health issues in the workplace, they’re left with high turnover rates and increased absenteeism along with low productivity and morale. By acknowledging that employees might be suffering from mental health issues, encouraging open communication, and offering well-being benefits and resources designed to proactively help and meet employees where they are, employers can create a healthier workplace that will prevent employees from burning out and losing too much time to mental health concerns.


Providing Support for Those Who Struggle


The well-being benefits your company offers have never been more important to employee health and productivity, as well as recruitment and retention efforts. Forward-thinking organizations must offer well-being benefits, that go beyond a traditional EAP, to meet employees where they are on their well-being journey. This includes holistic solutions that areimmediately available to employees and their families anytime, anywhere. Robust and effective workplace mental health solutions are something in which Espyr specializes. With 35 years of experience, Espyr has a proven track record of improving overall employee well-being and organizational performance by supporting employees through a range of challenges, such as burnout, anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflicts, financial well-being, work-life balance issues, life transitions, and more. With effective resources, instant-access counseling, and a high-quality provider network —all focused on compassion-driven outcomes, employees can get the help they need to manage stress and reach their full potential.


“Employees who feel valued and supported in their well-being are more likely to contribute their best efforts, maintain higher levels of motivation, and exhibit better mental and physical health,” says Lauren O’Neil, Director of Marketing at Espyr. She adds that it can also boost an organization’s reputation and attract top talent. With decades of experience, O’Neil also lists the unique offerings that Espyr has developed to help employees:

● Welcoming and Easy Access to Counselors – Face-to-face or virtually, our clients have the ability to set up an appointment quickly and get seen right away.
● Espyr Connect — Espyr’s mobile app delivers on-demand resources, assessments, and tracking to help clients get the self-help they need. We also make it easy to access services with one-touch options for calling a TalkNow® Member Care Specialist,reaching out via TextNow to chat directly with a licensed counselor, or connecting with Tess, our AI chatbot designed and trained by a team of mental health professionals.
● Immediate support and Problem-Solving with TalkNow® – Sometimes people just need someone to talk to. They may be stressed or anxious about things in everyday life. We can help them navigate the issue and work towards a solution within minutes.
● Comprehensive Well-Being – With over 4,500 high-quality providers, coaches, and consultants in all 50 states to provide expert counseling, health coaching, management coaching, and more, employees can have confidence in the care they receive to quickly return to a healthy mind and body at work.
● Positive Outcomes through Smart Interventions – The Espyr team is passionate,experienced, and culturally competent. Every day, we’re thinking of innovative solutions to keep our clients healthier and happier, faster and more effectively.



A Layered Approach


With the fine-tuned solutions that Espyr offers, they’ve seen excellent outcomes: “92% of our members say we’ve helped them with their issues, and 91% of our members said we’ve helped them become more productive at their job,” O’Neil says. Plus, Espyr has found a 75% reduction in absenteeism, and boasts an NPS of 69 – 11 points higher than the industry average – as well as a 25% engagement rate – 19% higher than the typical 4-6% EAP engagement rate!


Furthermore, Espyr makes it easy for organizations to start using our solutions right away. Espyr works with you every step of the way with a dedicated Account Manager, Organizational Services Manager, and a whole provider team to care for your organization from day one. Our client’s journey toward a healthier and happier workplace is a white-glove approach. “Espyr is redefining well-being in the workplace by providing a holistic solution to a range of challenges faced by organizations and employees alike,” O’Neil says. “We help businesses create a healthier, more supportive work environment that fosters employee well-being, engagement, and productivity so you and your team can reach your full potential.”


Ready to provide an unparalleled support system to your employees? Check out Espyr’s website to get started today.


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