Shifting Gears Through Covid—A Resource Guide on Where to Turn Now

Last week, we published a list of vendors who provide services that support employers and employees through all the changes that come with Covid-19. We listened to the excellent and thoughtful responses that came our way, accompanied by a request from our readership for more detail. Below is a resource guide on where to turn now, as your company rises to meet the new challenges of a changing world. 


We will continue to update the list as we hear from other vendors on The Granite List as to the services they provide to combat the impact of Covid-19 on employers.


Work Right 

As an expert in the safety arena, Work Right offers employers programs and systems for ensuring that employees are operating within Covid-19 guidelines for optimal safety. These programs include testing, adherence to state guidelines, and on-the-job training for employers who have in-office workforces. Their services are best for employers who have a large subset of physical labor employees in concentrated areas. 


Guard Well 

Guard Well understands that Covid-19 has created personal and corporate cyber security nightmares around the globe. The average American household and organization are at a dramatically higher data security risk than at any time in history. This company believes that it is not a matter of if identity theft will happen, but of when. Guard Well offers identity protection with full resolution, protecting employees, their families and the company’s bottom line.  


Proactive MD 

Proactive MD offers advising on testing, vaccination, and coordination of these services, as well as guidance for treatment. They personalize this support for the client depending on their industry and state to meet their needs and requirements. Proactive MD also routinely connects, communicates, and informs clients on their latest updates from news, government, and the community as well as the evidence-based guidelines for treatment, which helps their customers make better decisions about their care. 


ARC Fertility 

Arc Fertility features blogs on Covid-19 as it relates to reproductive health, including pregnancy.



Privia Health 

Privia Health is one of the largest, integrated multi-specialty medical groups in the country. They have developed a program for managing Covid-19 risk within an employee population called Covid-19 Care Coordination (CCC).  CCC combines advisory services, 24/7 care access, clinical surveillance, testing protocols, and care coordination. Privia’s turnkey program provides a holistic ‘safety-net’ and risk mitigation program for employees and their dependents. This is an end-to-end solution created for employers that incorporates program reporting, operational management and governance protocols, directed by a dedicated Chief Medical Officer and supported by a clinical team of experts. 


3P Risk 

3P Risk bolsters the remote and digital lifestyle with their robust Digital Protection Plan.  The world has shifted to BYOD and personal computers even more so because of Covid-19, and so the company has embraced products that are designed to support this new era. 


Avalon BHS

Avalon operates a comprehensive pharmacogenomics (PGx) platform to attack the overmedication of children, employees and the elderly. . Avalon's platform combines technology, analytics, and genetic science to reach the optimal prescription regimen. As it relates to Covid-19, they offer the following items: 

          N95 Surgical masks                  Surgical masks at various levels          Surgical gowns

          Nitrile Gloves                             Syringes                                                   Temperature Sensors

          Air Purification Systems           Pharmacogenomics                               Healthcare Analytics



ConnectWell’s Digital Health & Wellness Content Offering is academically sourced from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and includes science-based articles on Covid-19. Articles include information about Covid-19 overview, symptoms, prevention, health treatments and impacts, and extensive information about the various Covid-19 vaccines. The featured content is updated to stay current with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ever-changing guidelines. 



GravyWork has partnered with SaniStaff to perform disinfections that allow businesses to stay germ-free and quickly re-open after a Covid-19 exposure. 



Kashable assists paying down debt that employees may have incurred over the course of the pandemic or with expenses that may come with the return to work such as childcare and transportation.


Legal Club 

Legal Club provides voluntary group legal and identity theft employee benefit and is available to provide resources for employers and their plan members related to questions about scams and crimes related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Legal Club has entered into a partnership with KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education), a leading online financial literacy platform that educates individuals about the language of money, and provides sensible tips and tools for navigating the financial impact of Covid-19. This cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform assesses and benchmarks participants overall financial fitness, and then presents them with user-friendly tools to help them engage and learn how to live within means and reach their financial goals. 



Medefy is an app that lets employers directly connect with their employees about their health benefits. Employers can communicate and engage with employees to prompt better healthcare decisions and allow employees to shop for better priced, higher quality healthcare providers in their area. Medefy strives to facilitate employee engagement, better health outcomes, lower costs, and increased employee benefit satisfaction.  



MedEncentive is an educational and motivational program. They are proud to cover all diagnosis because patient knowledge and understanding of their risk, condition, or disease is very low. They have also discovered, from hundreds of studies, that self-management is often low and results in higher ER visits, hospitalizations and costs. Covid-19 is a great demonstrator of the need for current, valid, credible and unbiased information. The MedEncentive Information Therapy Program is designed for plan members to learn about their health issues or challenges and motivate them to act on that information.  MedEncentive is committed to providing evidence-based information.  


Medical Indicators

Medical Indicators, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of clinically accurate, single-use thermometers in the world - and manufacture all of their products in the US. For nearly 40 years, their NexTemp® Ultra single-use thermometers have been trusted by top physicians, national health systems, Fortune 100 companies and government agencies around the world. Medical Indicator's thermometers not only provide the most accurate reading available on the market today, but disposing of the thermometer after use virtually eliminates the risk of spreading germs and infections throughout a company. NexTemp® Ultra thermometers are available in boxes of 100, which are ideal for use in corporate health centers, medical supply cabinets, or as part of a company’s temperature check program as they welcome employees back to the office. They also offer smaller, individual packages which make great promotional items. Medical Indicators has standard packaging that is available and ready to ship, and welcome the opportunity to create custom packaging featuring your company’s logo, color scheme and messaging.



MyUnCraveRx has created an app by the same name to provide support with some of the challenges to life during Covid-19. This app offers exercise videos, as well as yoga or guided meditation. MyUnCrave also features nutritional videos and recipes. 



Perky’s decision support tool helps employers who have had a shift to remote or hybrid models to lead benefit communication during enrollment. 


Salary Finance 

Salary Finance’s financial wellbeing solutions helps employees who have been impacted by Covid-19, such as the loss of employment, health issues, or new additions to the financial load. With Salary Finance, employees can access affordable credit to pay for large, unexpected expenses or avoid other forms of high-cost debt like payday loans, 401(k) loans or withdrawals, or high-interest credit cards. With repayments coming directly from their paycheck and approval rates higher than traditional lenders, employees are able to improve their credit scores and save money on interest. Salary Finance also refers employees who are dealing with financial distress due to Covid-19 to free local resources like financial counseling, mortgage relief, and help with utility bills.  



Springbuk offers reporting on Covid-19 claims in our dashboard for customers that can simplify the process and help them obtain relief faster.  



Youturn supports individuals with substance abuse disorder (SUD) who may have had a unique struggle during the pandemic. Youturn provides an affordable health care add-on and mental wellness solution helping employers, employees and families impacted by SUD. 



BrightDime's holistic financial wellness solution provides employees with innovative money tools to help them alleviate stress and manage their finances through times of crisis as well as prosperity. Employees understand sound financial principles and have access to unlimited coaching so they can make better financial choices and recover faster during times of hardship. The BrightDime dashboard tracks budgets and goals, spending and investments to create a personal balance sheet so employees can ensure control of their finances. 



HeyPeers provides a service to those that feel depressed, lonely, stressed or otherwise challenged by the pandemic to connect with others. With HeyPeers, customers can go online to receive encouragement, support, and steps to help combat these challenges. 



Questis is a financial empowerment and employee benefit company that helps employees with matters of personal finance. Questis offers financial coaches who have worked with users throughout the pandemic to create a spending plan for their stimulus checks, check the status of the payments, as well as create a plan for funding emergency savings accounts during unprecedented times such as this pandemic. Questis also set up a Covid-19 resource center within their platform that has a number of helpful tools as well as hosting multiple Covid-19 Relief webinars and group coaching sessions for individuals seeking financial support during these times. They note that, as in-office employee perks declined during many businesses' transition from in-office to remote work, financial wellness benefits became a very important offering--especially with so many people suffering from financial stress directly related to the pandemic. 


Are you a vendor who offers Covid-19 support? We want to add you to the list. Email us at and we'll include you in this living document.




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