Beyond Traditional Insurance: How Blackwell Captive Solutions is Revolutionizing Self-Insurance for Companies with Unique Risks

By Peyton Brien

As we all know, insurance is a crucial aspect of modern life providing a sense of financial security as well as peace of mind—especially in the face of unpredictable accidents, natural disasters, and illnesses. Insurance policies protect individuals, businesses, and communities from the high costs of unexpected events allowing individuals and businesses to plan effectively for the future, maximizing both their profit and their savings. While traditional insurance policies from commercial insurers are the most common option for coverage, captive insurance arrangements are becoming increasingly popular for companies of all sizes. It is extremely important for us as individuals and as companies to have control over our insurance policies as we seek to find stability and peace of mind when it comes to insuring what is most valuable to us. Captives offer a unique approach to self-insurance, allowing companies to create their own insurance policies providing coverage for their specific risks. With captives, companies have greater control over coverage terms and pricing, as well as the ability to retain underwriting profits that would otherwise be paid to a commercial insurer. 


However, for far too long, the captive marketplace has been too complicated, hard to exit, and requires employers to post collateral—an anomaly in the insurance industry. Additionally, certain captive insurance arrangements may demand that groups make substantial modifications to their plan design and forego their current vendors to participate. This is where Blackwell Captive Solutions comes in. 


Blackwell Captive Solutions seeks to demystify the captive market, bringing a simple, yet proven strategy to the captive space directly prioritizing their clients. With Blackwell Captive Solutions, companies reach stability for their businesses while being able to maintain flexibility in their insurance policies. Blackwell does not require sweeping plan changes and they pride themselves on being accessible to all brokers and TPAs. Additionally, and most importantly, Blackwell does not require their clients to post collateral—Blackwell allows clients to provide a Letter of Credit greatly simplifying and providing transparency in the captive process. 


Allowing Clients Greater Control is a Cornerstone of Blackwell Captive Solutions’ Mission

Blackwell Captive Solutions’ approach is perfect for small to mid-sized employers who want more control over their risk profile. They gain the leverage of a larger pooled group, added stability, and year-over-year predictability of insurance costs. Additionally, Blackwell seeks to change the industry giving clients more transparency than ever. Through offering two distinct treaty dates, clients gain transparency, control, and improve cost savings through the collateralization process. Clients also have the potential to earn a return of up to 50% of their premium via their Experience Rated Refund if the captive performs well. 


With a commitment to being a trailblazer in the self-insurance field, the team at Blackwell seeks to challenge the status quo of the insurance industry bringing new perspectives and needed transparency to the captive market. When asked about the ethos of Blackwell Captive Solutions, Arleigh Kennedy, National VP of Sales, offers both a motivated and informed perspective on Blackwell Captive Solutions


“The pandemic put a spotlight on the health and well-being of employees, our clients’ number one asset. At Blackwell Captive Solutions, we seek to challenge the industry status quo and bring new perspectives to the captive market.  We recognize that the key to a successful captive is a strong understanding of risk, as well as the willingness to simplify the entire process to allow new participants to enter the space. Simply put, if you want to realize more control, secure favorable terms and pricing, and maximize financial savings for your organization, contact Blackwell Captive Solutions today to take a closer look at our medical stop loss captive solution.”


Blackwell Captive Solutions is revolutionizing the insurance industry by offering a unique approach to self-insurance that simplifies the entire process while also providing greater transparency and control for clients. With no requirement for collateral and the potential to earn significant returns through their Experience Rated Refund, Blackwell’s solution is perfect for small to mid-sized employers seeking to gain greater control over their risk profile and maximize financial savings for their organization.




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