Effective Benefits Communication

By: Nic Hayes

For communication to be effective, it needs to be correct, clear, and concise. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, that communication also needs to be delivered in a way that it can be understood with clarity and purpose by the intended audience.


In the healthcare and employee benefits space, the need for effective communication is paramount. Employee benefits have many intricate details and ins-and-outs that can be confusing to employees who rely upon them. Additionally, the way benefits are traditionally communicated through stacks of paper during open-enrollment with few ongoing year-round communications adds to the confusion among employees when it comes to their benefits. A lack of clear, continuous communication about available benefits can lead to poor healthcare utilization, poor employee awareness of their benefits, higher healthcare cost, and broker and benefits personnel exhaustion from frequent questions.


The traditional method of benefits communications does not resonate with today’s employees. Most employees are “digitally-native” meaning that that their habit is to seek digital or video, on-demand solutions to their problems. To communicate effectively with modern employees, LearnYour Benefits’ SaaS solution makes video-focused benefits communications and year-round promotions and navigation effortless for brokers. In the words of Brian Gezella, CEO of LearnYour Benefits, "Our goal is to create a win-win-win scenario. We want employees to fully realize the benefits they’re offered and achieve higher levels of wellbeing, their HR teams to benefit from more free time and a better connection to their employees, and our broker-partners to benefit from deeper, longer-lasting client relationships.”


A Benefit for Brokers

For brokers and employers creating open enrollment and year-round benefits communications and navigation can be a daunting task. Often times, final decisions regarding benefits are made at the last minute forcing brokers to scramble to prepare open enrollment communications and materials. Then, once open enrollment begins, brokers are flooded with questions regarding the plan.


However, with LearnYour Benefits, much of the stress and pressure placed on brokers and employers relating to benefits communication is alleviated. Their proprietary service approach and customizable software will eliminate the open enrollment scramble, subsequent questions, and serve as a primary destination for all employee benefits and total rewards education and navigation.


In addition to the digital communications they provide, LearnYour Benefits also assists their broker-partners by providing them with analytics and sales capabilities so that they can build deeper, longer-lasting client relationships.


Year-Round Solution

LearnYour Benefits wants to become the virtual benefits communication team for brokers and employers capable of setting up on-going communications optimization for open-enrollment and year-round needs.


LearnYour Benefits offers three unique experiences to meet their client’s needs:

  • Video-focused employee education and navigation experience
  • Broker-partner distribution tools and analytics for nurturing
  • An employer portal allowing HR to manage their respective site


Although LearnYour Benefits will set up all of these for their clients, the clients themselves can easily edit videos and any other learning tools on the fly. Due to the easy administration of their system, they even encourage their broker to allow their employer’s HR tams to manage LearnYour Benefits with them.


The Benefit of Clear Communication

For starters, the LearnYour Benefits solution is extremely affordable. They are usually 50%-80% more affordable than any other similar solution.


The LearnYour Benefits solution effectively communicates employees benefits to them both during open enrollment and with on-demand tools throughout the year. This communication allows employees to properly utilize the benefits improving overall population health.


We are proud to feature LearnYour Benefits on the Granite List

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