PharmPix Celebrates 15 Years


Since its inception in 2009, PharmPix has proven to be a leading provider of pharmacy benefit solutions with its innovative technology and care for people. PharmPix was founded by four successful healthcare veterans that shared a vision to revolutionize an industry often criticized for its lack of transparency and customer loyalty. Herminio Correa, CIO, remarks on their goal of developing PharmPix, “We wanted to create a system that was flexible and could adapt to client needs…to give our clients more functionality, while passing on savings, motivated all of us to succeed.” 


PharmPix has grown to become a globally recognized brand in the pharmacy benefit management industry, serving more than 750,000 lives. PharmPix offers a variety of services for their clients, they refer to as “being powered by PharmPix.” PharmPix offers a full-service pharmacy benefit management, claims processing technology solution for health plans, TPA’s, government entities, and other PBMs.  


“Our PPx specialty HUB is the most comprehensive solution to manage specialty drug costs. Clients have seen up to 40% savings,” remarks Ivan Lopez, CFO. 


Continued savings coupled with a flexible adaptable technology platform, has led to PharmPix’s outstanding customer loyalty. Lopez continues, “We have had consistent compounded growth of 15-20% since 2009. With that growth, we are investing in our people.” PharmPix has a warm, familial-style culture called “Pharmily” that has led many employees to stay on board since the beginning.  


At the heart of PharmPix is not only their people, but their state-of-the-art technology, OneArk™. The system plays a crucial role in addressing the inefficiencies of most PBM offerings by being triggered at the point-of-sale which improves member experience and clinical outcomes from the start.  


The OneArk™ System is a proactive, preventive, and accurate platform designed to give clients the necessary flexibility to satisfy any plan design or clinical program. The reporting and analytical tools offer decision support for the management of quality and costs of any pharmacy benefit program.


Looking to the next milestone, specialty drug spend is a major hurdle. Dr. Martinez remembers when drug treatments were only around thousands of dollars per year. Now they can be over $1M per year. But he confidently states that “PharmPix has a solution.” And they do. 


The PPx Specialty HUB is the most comprehensive solution to manage specialty drug costs and offers 30-40% savings. Through the PPx Specialty HUB, members are identified at the point-of-sale and are routed to a dedicated call center with a single point of contact to identify the best price and source for the member’s script, offering exceptional service and turnaround time. 


PharmPix is a technology company that cares about the clients they serve, just as much as their own people.  


Side Note: Jaime Figueroa, CEO, states how success is achieved, “Bring on talented, dedicated people. We are very grateful for that. That is our key to success. 


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