Platinum Quality at Bronze Prices

By: Nic Hayes

Typically, the price of an item is an indication of its value. For example, you would assume that a more expensive car would be safer, last longer, and have more additional features than a less expensive model. However, when it comes to health insurance premiums, higher costs don’t always signify higher value.


Besides payroll, the cost of health insurance premiums is usually the second largest expense on an employer’s profit and loss sheet that does not effectively drive bottom-line revenue. This year, workplace health plans are expected to spike over 6%, according to surveys conducted by Mercer and Willis Towers Watson, amounting to one of the biggest increases in a decade, and this comes on the heels of another major increase in 2023. Although there will be a significant spike in costs, benefits offerings, for the most part, will remain the same with no additional benefit to employees.


With the current state of the industry in mind, Exemplar has made it their mission to revolutionize the way healthcare is utilized and paid for. As a solution, Exemplar brings level-funded and self-funded group health insurance solutions with platinum level designs at bronze level prices to small and mid-sized employers. By providing employers with pre-packaged solutions, Exemplar does all of the heavy lifting returning once wasted premium dollars back to employers’ balance sheets.


What allows Exemplar to provide a platinum quality health insurance product to employers at a bronze level prices is the fact that they own and control every aspect of their product offering. On the other hand, building typical group health insurance products have numerous factors that effect pricing such as brokers, third party administrators, managing general underwriters, stop-loss carriers, and pharmacy benefit management companies as well as others. Unlike these typical group health insurance products, Exemplar owns themselves and the other twenty-two companies they own all under one umbrella giving them control all of the margins within their product. Their vertical integration allows them to only have to answer to two groups of people: the American employer and the American consumer.


As these and other factors continue to cause the cost of health insurance to spiral with no end in sight, employers, both small and large, will continue having difficulty keeping up with skyrocketing costs.


However, by breaking the cycle and utilizing Exemplar as a solution, employers will see a reduction in premiums, enhanced employee benefits, and in a good claims year, even a return on premiums that have gone unspent on health care. Furthermore, Exemplar prides themselves on customer service. Whenever unique challenges arise, Exemplar rises to meet them as their member services team will work hand in hand with their customers to resolve any issue in an efficient and timely manner.


Without taking action, employers will continue to be faced with increased health insurance costs. Break the cycle and join Exemplar’s revolution to change the way that health care is both utilized and paid for.v


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