The Future of Personalized Healthcare

by Cole Hollander

As the world continues to develop and change to reflect the desires of consumers, companies that decrease the barriers, and increase the accessibility to healthcare, garner more and more interest and demand for their services. EZaccessMD is one of the leading vendors in this category of employee benefits. Why should an employee have to drop everything when they have a medical question or problem, missing out on time they could be spending with their family by having to travel to brick-and-mortar healthcare locations? EZaccessMD is making sitting in Urgent Care waiting rooms, reading magazines from years ago, a thing of the past. Their combination of telemedicine and In-Home Urgent Care makes it simple for employees to gain access to the care they need. EZaccessMD is not a health insurance provider, they are a health provider, focused on granting eligible employees access to personalized low-acuity care, remotely or in-home.


Via the National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, over 80% of Americans visited a doctor or health professional in 2021. Often, this is by appointment, set weeks if not months in advance, however not all medical issues can wait that long. Sometimes an employee needs an immediate answer, or immediate care, and having the peace of mind that EZaccessMD can offer by only being a quick call or short drive away can help decrease stress that can lead to other future medical ailments. Unfortunately, the price of the time spent trying to gain access to medical care is not the only barrier preventing employees from gaining access to the care they need. The monetary price of medical care is no longer just a speed bump on the path to health, but instead is becoming a mountain. Employees and employers can no longer consistently afford traditional trips to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or a Primary Care Physician. However, EZaccessMD’s model of bringing care to the doorstep of the employee greatly reduces these costs and turns the mountain of bills, back into a speed bump.


This level of care may seem unprecedented and too good to be true, but EZaccessMD continues to separate itself by strictly employing board-certified physicians to answer every phone or video call from an employee. If at the end of the call the physician feels as though they need more information to make an informed diagnosis, they will send a clinical team to the patient's home on the same day to perform further diagnostic testing. X-rays, ultrasounds, lab tests, and more can be performed right in the patient’s home with tools the clinicians take to the patient’s homes. It can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable for an employee to travel to a clinical office to undergo medical testing and then end up having to sit in an unfamiliar room while waiting for their results. Conversely, a diagnosis can be delivered to the employee, and treatment options can be discussed within a few hours while the patient finds comfort in spending time in their own home with family.


If you are a self-insured employer who wants to decrease costs while also increasing your employee’s satisfaction and retention with your company, EZaccessMD is a clear choice. Employers who choose to add EZaccessMD to their plans will see a significant reduction in claims and find themselves saving on renewals every year. By using a PEPM (per-employee-per-month) rate, employers only pay for what their employees use. Moving away from the flat fees of the past and to a utilization-driven price will help employers save on healthcare costs year-over-year. Most importantly, the services EZaccessMD provides, are FREE to employees. There are no curve balls, no trick plays, the employer pays for what the employees use, another example of EZaccessMD knocking down the barriers to healthcare.


Traditional telemedicine providers are somewhat similar to a sports bettor, the physician will answer the phone call or hop onto a video chat, and either take a guess on a diagnosis that they must pray is correct or tell the patient that they need to travel to a physician’s office to undergo further testing before a diagnosis can be reached, defeating the purpose of a telemedicine service. EZaccessMD bridges this gap in telemedicine, when a physician isn’t 100% confident in their diagnosis, they can tell the patient to continue relaxing in their own home, and someone will come to their home within a couple hours to perform anything from a strep test to an EKG. 85% of what happens when a patient visits an urgent care can be completed by an EZaccessMD mobile provider. It is the quickest and most efficient way for employees to avoid steep insurance claims while receiving a diagnosis that is likely to be more accurate than what they would have received via the traditional telemedicine path.


Though we can go on and on about the amazing quantitative qualities of EZaccessMD that do more than separate themselves from the competition, a vendor's values and culture are important to note, especially in the employee benefits industry. No vendor is more straightforward and transparent about their desire to help employees live as healthy and happy lives as possible. Sometimes the American healthcare system can feel complex and incomprehensible. However, the best adjective to use in describing a partnership with EZaccessMD as a patient, human resources manager, or benefits advisor, can be found right in the name, “EZ”. Healthcare as it should be, easy. Employees at EZaccessMD operate by the three “C’s”, “Cost, Convenience, and Culture”, they look to implement these into the services they provide and take pride in working to attain unmatchable standards in service and healthcare.


When searching for the next big thing that isn’t just a want, but a need in a benefits plan, either to help recruit some of the best talent available or to retain the incredible team you have already built, there is no need to look any further than EZaccessMD. Any employee would be ecstatic to not leave their couch while receiving some of the best medical care available.


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