Revolutionizing Orthopedic Care: The Impact of Regenerative Care

By: Catherine Cunningham

Traditional surgeries are irreversible, urging careful consideration of all treatment options. Patients often grapple with the dilemma of enduring chronic pain or resorting to long-term medications with adverse effects when conservative care fails. The ramifications of surgery failures extend beyond individuals' lives, impacting families and financial stability.


Using Your Own Cells

Dr. Mark Testa, the Executive Vice President of Regenexx, spent the first 20 years of his career working in primary care, pain management, and orthopedic and spine surgeon offices. Through these experiences, he was able to see the medical side of musculoskeletal and orthopedic care. His firsthand encounters with the pitfalls of conventional treatments, such as surgery failures and opioid-related deaths, prompted his transition to Regenexx, driven by a quest for better medical solutions.


While traditional surgeries have long been the norm, alternatives like Regenexx prioritize the body's natural healing processes. Regenexx offers a unique approach to treating orthopedic injuries non-surgically by using the body’s own cells, blood platelets, platelet-rich plasma, or stem cell rich bone marrow concentrate. Through minimally invasive procedures, patients' own cells are harvested, concentrated, and reintroduced into areas affected by things such as knee arthritis, rotator cuff or, ACL tears, and back pain amongst other things. This approach minimizes trauma and significantly reduces recovery time offering a number of advantages when compared to traditional surgery.


“There are some low value surgeries employers should seek alternative to. We can replace those with this needle-based approach, giving people an option in care,” Mark Testa, Executive Vice President, Regenexx.


Opting to avoid elective surgeries proves prudent for several reasons. Exploring non-invasive options like Regenexx can mitigate risks, improve pain and function, and overall well-being. Traditional orthopedic surgeries often entail lengthy recoveries, while Regenexx procedures offer a revolutionary alternative allowing patients to experience minimal downtime and potentially return to work as early as the next day. This expedited recovery, coupled with reduced rehabilitation time, enhances patient satisfaction and overall health outcomes.


A Benefit for the Plan as a Whole

Regenexx leads in advanced cell therapy, partnering with self-funded health plans to ensure accessibility and cost-effectiveness. To bring their unique benefits to employees, Regenexx is flexible in the how they can be implemented. Mark Testa adds, “We’ll work with the plan design if you have nurse navigators, like Connect, direct primary care, digital physical therapy, or a surgical bundle.” By empowering patients with knowledge and facilitating seamless access to treatment, Regenexx aims to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes. Their member education approach includes outreach initiatives, educational webinars, and partnerships with healthcare providers and employers.


A report by the Validation Institute demonstrates significant cost savings through Regenexx. For instance, in one case involving 126 surgeries, Regenexx achieved a remarkable 49% savings compared to the costs of avoided surgeries. These savings are empowered by Regenexx’s approach which is to “replace up to 70% of elective orthopedic surgeries. Selecting patients using a candidacy grading, and MSK Management to provide right care at the right time,” according to Mark Testa. These savings, consistent across Regenexx's clientele, underscore its cost-effectiveness and value proposition.


Traditional surgeries have long been the standard; however, solutions like Regenexx have provided a compelling alternative with a focus on patient outcomes and experience. Regenexx is committed to expanding its physician network and is a cost effective alternative to replace many low value surgeries.


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