The Mental Impact of a Work-Displacing Healthcare Event

By: Nic Hayes

Being part of today’s workforce does not come without its fair share of stress. Whether that stress takes the form of long hours, challenging projects, physically demanding labor, a need for more balance, or any other potential stressors, it can be difficult to deal with both mentally and physically. When you factor in the fact that 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, it begins to makes sense why 63% of Americans identify work as a significant source of stress.


The need to work and make money is an essential part of living in the world today; however, what happens when you are unable to work, especially because of a sudden work-displacing injury or illness? For 61% of Americans, missing work and the paycheck that comes with it, could force them to have to face difficult financial decisions which adds more stress and mental turmoil.


Suffering a work-displacing injury or illness not only impacts an employee’s financial situation, but it also has a profound impact on their mental well-being and health as they experience a sense of devaluation and loss of community.


As an employer, it is important for you to care about the holistic health of your employees, so having a resource for employees when unfortunate events like this happen is crucial to providing them the support and guidance they need during trying times.


One such resource is Kind Souls Foundation - a warmline service for employees and their families experiencing work-displacing healthcare events. Kind Souls is a unique solution that provides need emotional and mental support through:


  1. Missing Human Element

Kind Souls aims to provide the missing human element back through their care and claims delivery systems. They offer Kind Souls sessions via phone calls, texting and chat sessions, or virtual face-to-face sessions which are 30 minutes long and completely confidential. These calls are held with the purpose of empowering callers allowing them to feel heard and vent out whatever they are going through. After the call, they are then able to connect callers with local resources to further help them receive the help that they need.


  1. Completely Free

Anyone can visit the Kind Souls site, click the services tab, and book a virtual session with the Kind Souls team at absolutely no cost. They partner with employers, HR teams, and industry leading professionals in order to raise awareness and rely on sponsors and donors to operate as a 501c3 non-profit organization.


  1. Whole Family Solution

Whether the caller has experienced a work-displacing healthcare event or if they are a family member or caregiver, Kind Souls is there to offer the support and resources needed to navigate the care for a loved one, making them a valuable resource for families.


A free resource that provides essential emotional and mental resources during times of uncertainty is a need for your plan members, especially when it comes at no cost.


We are proud to feature Kind Souls Foundation on the Granite List


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