What if Health Care Worked? A conversation with Elizabeth Teisberg

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Listen in as Dr. Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D. addresses these questions and more:


  • When there are so many companies out there touting value-based propositions, what are the most important keys to making sure you stand out?


  • What steps can self-insured employers take to drive value-based care for their employees and their families?


  • What role does improving health literacy have in controlling healthcare costs?


  • What is your view on the cost and availability of specialty meds?


  • What information is vital to equip educated consumers?

  • What is your perspective on Bundle Payments?


  • How do we deal with New Wave Healthcare vendors who promise but do not perform?


  • Guidance on controlling overtreatment.


  • Warren Buffet was recently quoted on the failed health care venture Haven saying, “We were fighting a tapeworm in the American economy. And the tapeworm won.” What words of wisdom would you offer to build confidence back into the fight to go after the costs of care?


  • Would you please share with the audience why social determinants of health through value-based healthcare is so important to address on the economic and social morale for the US?


  • Value based care is still a divisive topic among care givers and payers. Why is it that 15 years later we are still debating the merits of value based care?



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